The Bespoke Process

The Newman & Regent bespoke experience is no ordinary affair.   

Our bespoke range of boots and shoes offers the very best in fit and comfort. You can pick from our range of classic styles and have a beautiful pair of shoes created that are individual and truly fit you. 

No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of utter perfection.  


Step 1 

The first stage of the journey starts with getting detailed measurements of your feet, an impression of your feet along with various measurements are taken by an experienced member of our team. Bespoke shoes are made in no size but your own, for that perfect fit.  

Then pick from our range of classic styles. Each pair of Newman & Regent footwear is designed to be timeless, created from high quality materials and constructed to last.  You can customise many aspects of your footwear including the leather/suede and  its colour, the colour of the lining and the sole. 

If your measuring appointment is taking place at our Factory, you will be offered a tour where you can follow the manufacturing process of your bespoke footwear and watch our skilled craftsmen and women in their element. 


Step 2 

Once we have taken your measurements, we will arrange to meet with you again in 4 to 5 weeks’ time to carry out the trial fit. This allows us to note any adjustments required to ensure a truly exceptional fit. 

We will then take your shoes back to our factory and finish them off. We finish every detail by hand and our bespoke service is personal to every customer. They will be completed within 3 weeks.  

Step 3 

We will contact you to take any final payments and either post your bespoke shoe to your home address or you can collect from the factory. 


We consider our shoes to be truly personal products, finished by our hands for your feet. Assembled by a team of clickers, stitchers and cordwainers, we believe that the finest quality footwear is built to last a lifetime.