Calf Leather

At Newman & Regent we pride ourselves on using the finest quality, locally sourced calf leathers. 

We believe that the finest quality footwear is built to last a lifetime and with the right care and attention, they will continue to age well. 


1. Remove the dust and dirt

The first step is to remove the dirt and dust.  

Make sure to use a different brush to your polishing brush. If you are finding it hard to remove all the dirt, use a damp cloth without soap or solvent.  

Leave your shoes to dry naturally. Do not dry them on a radiator or heater, as this can create tide marks.

2. Moisturise

Next nourish the leather before polishing. Use a moisturising cream to gently remove unwanted wax off the surface and to nourish the leather to prevent cracking.

Apply the cream with a cotton cloth, a little product goes a long way, then leave to dry before buffing off.

3. Polish

Use a small amount of polishing cream at a time. Spread it evenly over the shoe using a cotton cloth or brush, then leave to dry before polishing.
Repeat this process if the shoe requires more conditioning.

4. Brush

Using a soft horsehair brush, brush the shoes all over in a back-and-forth motion. This will remove the polish and even the colouration of your shoes.

5. Buff

Finally buff the shoes with a cotton cloth. This creates a nice shine and removes brush strokes.