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The Newman & Regent bespoke range of boots and shoes offers the very best in fit and comfort.

You can pick from our range of classic styles and have a beautiful pair of shoes created that are individual and truly fit you.

Using the finest materials, these shoes are 100% Made In England, in our own factory in Northamptonshire.

These shoes are for you if you have a passion for footwear and want a truly personalised comfortable shoe that is no size but your own.

Our bespoke shoe pricing starts at £750




Buying a pair of bespoke shoes is no ordinary affair. We need to get the measurements of your feet to produce footwear that fits. To get your feet measured you can visit our factory or one of our Shoe Partners.

We utilise a highly experienced and dedicated team to produce the finest bespoke footwear available. The process below explains the bespoke journey.

1. Measurement

The first stage of the journey starts with getting detailed measurements of your feet, an impression of your feet along with various measurements are taken by an experienced member of the team.

2. The last

Once our factory has your measurements, we are able to start producing a last that will enable us to craft your bespoke pair of shoes around these.

3. Shoe

With your chosen footwear style, colour choice, and completed lasts, we start the process of hand crafting your footwear. This includes creating cutting patterns, cutting the leather upper for the boots or shoes, edging, stitching the upper and then adding the insole and Good Year Welting the underside.  

4. First fit

The boot or shoe is presented to the customer for a first fit. We make sure the fit and feel of the footwear is perfect for you by making small amendments and adaptations to the pair.

5. Time to wear

Following the first fit amends (if required) your shoes are delivered to you.



Get in touch with us to find out more about the process and order your bespoke boots and shoes.



* All bespoke footwear are non-exchangeable and non-returnable.


We have partnered with leading bespoke clothing providers that compliment our brand and style. They can provide drop-in foot measurements and orders on request. View them here