The Monk

The Monk

The Monk Shoe, both single and double, is a relatively recent style to hit popularity, originating in the late 19th century and taking inspiration from 15th century monk strapped sandals.  

The monk shoe is a traditionally formal shoe, though less formal than an Oxford. They’re at home in formal and general day-to-day settings, though usually inappropriate for black tie or very formal events.   


Key features of a Monk Shoe:    

  • Single Monk – one band strap that closes across the instep, typically via a saddle buckle 
  • Double Monk – two band straps, which provide a better fit and are ideal for narrower feet 

Newman and Regent offer a single or double buckled Monk Shoe, in a range of contemporary leather colours and sole options.   

Our Monk Shoes are 100% made in the UK from our factory in Kettering, Northampton, by a team of talented clickers, stitchers & cordwainers.  

View our range of Monk Shoes here:  

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