The Derby

The Derby

Originating nearly two centuries ago, the Derby is considered to be one of the most versatile shoe styles with it being suitable for both smart and smart casual wear. Making the Derby a wardrobe staple.  

 Like The Oxford, The Derby’s defining characteristic is the lacing system. The difference being that The Derby features an open lacing system, allowing for more room and comfort for those with a wider foot. 


The features of a Derby Shoe are: 

  • Open Lacing (eyelet tabs stitched on top of the vamp) 
  • Made from 3 pieces of material (2 quarters and 1 vamp with a tongue) 
  • An Expose Ankle 

Our English made Derby shoe with plain toe design is 100% Made in England with a leather Goodyear Welted sole. It is available in Black, Chocolate and Tan Calf Leather.  

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