Our Shoes

It is often noted that choice is a good thing. But at what point do endless options become a source of frustration? At Newman & Regent we’ve done the hard part for you and refined our selection to the best of the best. 

There are a small number of styles which stand head and shoulders above the rest. Think of it as a process of natural selection. The choices made by gentlemen over a number of decades have led to a few ‘winners’ which still endure today. In our opinion they are The Oxford, The Derby, The Loafer and The Chukka.  

We believe you’d be hard pressed to find a sartorial occasion beyond the reach of those four styles. The office outfit might have changed in recent years but we’re all for dressing up at the right moment - the celebratory dinner, the day at the races, the airport lounge. Selecting one of these shoes guarantees that you’ll always put your best foot forward whatever the weather.