Our Logo

At Newman & Regent we’re on a mission to create timeless footwear using the finest quality materials. We expect the best and that’s why our shoes are entirely made in England. It’s a mark of our dedication to locally produced and ethically sourced footwear that stand the test of time. 

These elements of our DNA are beautifully illustrated in our logo. Created by the talented illustrator Tobias Hall, it perfectly encapsulates the tradition and creativity of our brand. Tobias, whose design work has been commissioned by the likes of the Rolling Stones, Zizzi and Comic Relief, took inspiration from the architecture and heritage of our historic factory. 

The bold type font is inspired by the original ‘N’ keystone that still sits above the entrance to our factory. This same keystone is resembled in the logo and houses our signatory ‘N&R’. As for the regal falcon that adorns our crest, it takes inspiration from the Northamptonshire coat of arms and sits proudly atop a rose, which also features as a stone decoration in the Newman factory.