Our Home

15 miles north-east of Northampton is the place we call home. Kettering translates to “the place of Ketter’s people” and the market town traces its origins to an early Romano-English settlement. There is evidence to suggest a substantial amount of iron smelting took place at the site around 4 AD but the mixture of industry has a very different feel today.

The development of Northampton’s shoe industry fuelled the growth of Kettering through the 19th century. Sadly the decline since the 1970s has seen large footwear manufacturers relocate overseas or shutter their operations. Thus we’re proud to be one of a handful of factories to continue the rich tradition of shoemaking in Kettering.

This thriving market town has more to it than meets the eye. It’s people, Ketter’s people, play a significant part in the history of Newman & Regent and our plans for the future. Join us as we take the next step in our journey and celebrate the unique character of Kettering.