Our History

1873 - the year that denotes the start of our journey and, for the beady eyed amongst you, the year featured at the base of our logo. Rooted in bricks and mortar, the story of Newman & Regent begins with the construction of our Victorian factory on the aptly named Newman Street in 1873. The Grade 2 listed building has housed several different shoe brands over the decades and it is a tradition we’re proud to continue.

Northamptonshire has long been associated with quality footwear. And rightly so. Esteemed gentleman have often looked to this part of England for well-heeled shoes to adorn their feet. Kettering is the exact place we call home – a town with its own unique shoe-making spirit.

So whilst the Newman & Regent brand is new, it is built upon the legacy of English shoemakers. Clickers, stitchers and cordwainers have operated in these parts for many years and continue to do so today. Our timeless products are shaped by the craftspeople who have come before us but are built for the modern world in which we exist.