Footwear Sole Repairs

Footwear Sole Repairs

Your footwear carries the memories of every step you make, with a quality pair of leather shoes often lasting for years of hard use. They’ve been a faithful companion through life's ups and downs, supporting you every step of the way and from time to time may need a service to keep them in top foot supporting shape. 

The soles of shoes are one of the most critical parts of a shoe's construction, yet also one of the most vulnerable to wear and tear. After around 5 years of regular use, most shoe soles will show significant signs of deterioration, especially if subjected to high-impact activities like running or hiking.  

Leather soles in particular, tend to wear down quickly compared to rubber or other synthetic materials. As the sole loses its thickness and integrity, the shoe loses its ability to provide proper support, stability and shock absorption. This can lead to foot, ankle, knee and even back pain if left unaddressed. For those who have invested in a high-quality pair of leather shoes, seeing the soles rapidly deteriorate can be disheartening. Replacing quality shoes can be quite expensive. 

Fortunately, Newman and Regent's offer re-soling services to extend the life of traditional shoes. We provide soles made from three different materials - leather, Dainite rubber and Commando rubber - that can be used to replace worn out soles. Leather offers a classic look and feel but doesn't last as long. Dainite rubber soles provide excellent traction and shock absorption. Commando rubber soles are extremely durable for high-mileage wear.  

With these re-soling options, loyal Newman and Regent customers can avoid the cost of replacing quality shoes and instead restore them to like-new condition. Proper care and maintenance are key to getting the most value and enjoyment from a favourite pair of leather shoes. 

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